International Online Center for Confirming Food Safety and Quality in accordance with WHO and FAO standards

The founders of the center:


- Center for Applied Medicine and Food Safety "Biomed" Moscow State University Lomonosov website


- Russian national project “Health of the Nation” - site


 -China Association for United Nations Procurement (CAPUNP) website


-Center for Scientific and Technical Forecasting, China (STF Group) website


       Our Center is the International Online Center for Confirming Food Safety and Quality in accordance with WHO and FAO standards, especially Codex Alimentarius.


        Codex Alimentarius (Latin Codex Alimentarius - Food Codex) is a set of international food standards and regulations adopted by the FAO / WHO International Commission on Trade and Industry in the field of food quality and safety. Website


         The Center verifies the authenticity of international certificates issued by various certification agencies of the World, located in their online databases, and then will issue its own certificate of verification of the authenticity of these certificates and their compliance with UN standards on the basis of the verification results.


           The Center is a member of UN programs on food quality and safety, as well as other international organizations involved in food certification.


           The Center has branches in Russia and in China.


           The Center issues its Certificates of Conformity on the basis of inspections of documents submitted by the customer, as well as random checks of the quality of food samples certified by third-party laboratories in Russia and in China.


           The Certificates of the Center gives the right to post information on products certified by the Center: “This product is checked for compliance with WHO / FAO standards for quality and food safety”.


                The Center maintains a Register of issued certificates on its website.

                 The services of the Center are voluntary for any persons and organizations.


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      RUSSIA Moscow, Moscow, Lomonosovsky Prospekt, 27, building 1, Moscow State University, BIOMED


       CHINA Beijing International Financial Center IFC building, Entrance A, 19th Floor, CAPUNP